Dik Lee B.Sc. – (height: 5' 11" -- weight: 199 lbs -- eyes: blue -- hair: not known)

Graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree from McMaster University **(minor in Philosophy and 3 years equivalent in Engineering Physics)** Dik Lee quote -- “But I think all the chicks were in my English class!”   :P -- lol


Producer, Director and Principle role – “The Adventures of Plinko” – ©2011 – film (www.phylummvm.com/plinko)

Producer, Director and Principle role – “polluted” – ©2010 – film (www.phylummvm.com/polluted) or check out the IMDB website

Featured on DRAGON'S DENepisode #2

Producer, Director and Principle role music videos - (click here)
1.      Song title: Molly’s Jolly
2.      Song title: Bite My @$$

Producer and Director of “Salute the Die” – commercial for the Award Winning DVD Board Game – Altiustoons – Bumpin’ Die®

Producer and Director and Principle role – “Yellow Death I” – short film


Nominated for “Punk Band of the Year” at the Niagara Music Awards for 2009 and 2010 - click here

Winner of the “Game of the Year” Award for 2009 by Creative Child Magazine (www.bumpindie.com) -- also check out the news footage with Dan MacLean on CHCH Ch. 11

Winner of the “Preferred Choice Award” for 2008 by Creative Child Magazine (www.bumpindie.com)

Winner of the "Business Link 40 under 40 Award" -- honoring the top 40 business leaders in the Niagara Region

Awarded "The Worst Golfer Award" from the Chamber of Commerce ** Dik Lee quote -- “More of a clubber than a putter!”  -- lol

Design work featured at the "Graphic Exchange Digital Arts Awards"


Front man, singer and bassist for the Screaming Beavers® (www.screamingbeavers.com)

Member of SOCAN

Produced albums for the Screaming Beavers®
1.      Bite My @$$
2.      Awambabaluwombawombawhat!?
3.      We’ll Have It No Other Way
4.      Leave It To the Beavers
5.      We’ll Be Back

Produced “Orgy” – compilation CD


    Owner of Phylum® MVM – production and marketing company (www.phylummvm.com)

    Owner and director of Altius Games® Inc. – gaming company (www.altiusgames.com)

    Producer and director of Altiustoons Bumpin’ Die® DVD Board Game – winner of the “Game of the Year” Award for 2009 by Creative Child Magazine (www.bumpindie.com)

    Producer, Director and Creator of the Olympic Challenge board game – licensed by the United States Olympic Committee – www.olympicchallenge.com – successfully launched into the market place and onto the K-Mart shelves and to over 1600 retail locations across the USA

    Creator, Producer and Director of the “Olympic Challenge National Tour” – check out some news


    DJ with 93.3 CFMU hosting “The 2 Loser Hours with Fredrick” – Metal, Punk, Alternative genre.

    Served in the Lincoln and Welland Regiment

    Loves to Ski !!! ** Dik Lee quote -- “It's as close as I can get to surfing! - For now, anyways!”





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